Saudi Shows Off New Facial Tattoo!

Saudi Shows Off New Facial Tattoo! Tattoos in hip hop have always been a part of the culture as people use them to express themselves.  Nowadays facial tattoos are thee trend in America hip hop circles and South Ahh rappers have adopted the culture.

Saudi is the latest local rapper who has joined the band of rappers who have face tattoos. The Problem rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday to share pictures of him getting tattooed. The new tattoo of what looks like an anchor is placed on Saudi’s chin just below below the eye.

In the same post, Saudi also revealed another tattoo of the word MONOPOLY on his fingers.

Saudi’s fans who commented on the post stated that the tattoos were dope.

One other person with a facial tattoo is the Roll Up rapper Emtee who has a cross on the chin just below the eye.



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