Saudi On The Removal Of His Songs From Spotify

Saudi falls victim to hacking.

Saudi On The Removal Of His Songs From Spotify. Saudi has evidently been going through the most, after having his music leaked to his disadvantage he now gets hacked.

Last week rapper Saudi took to social media to share that he had parted ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment. The departure looked to have a bit of hassles but both parties reached a favorable conclusion.

Before announcing the news Emtee rejoiced to of leaving AE, Saudi dropped a mix-tape The Drip’s Leak. Speaking to the Citizen publication the 26 year-old stated that the mix-tape was inspired by his experiences of having his ATM music get leaked.

A project once hit the internet titled ‘F*ck Ambitiouz’ with Saudi’s name all over it. He denied ever leaking of making a song with that title. A number of songs reached the public without his knowledge and control, luckily he had more music cooking. The Drip’s Leak is a combination of songs that were leaked although he had to remake a number of things.

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Earlier this week the rapper woke up to find that his Spotify account which he accumulated millions of streams from was hacked.The person who hacked him removed a large number of his songs leaving behind only 12.

“DONT KNOW HOW WHEN WHO WHY THATS ON my acount.. all I know is I got more songs than anybody in the business But you know its S H O W then T E L L .. enter: BEASTMODE AKA SUPA SAIYAN 3 (game face),” wrote Saudi.



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