AKA Claims He’s Broke

AKA Claims He’s Broke! When it comes to celebrity net worth we can never be too sure because they tend to say one thing and then the next. Aka took to twitter revealing that he is not a wealthy as we thought.

The rapper tweeted that he has no money and we must just not believe the hype, but from th emoji and context of the tweet we have our reservations about his statement.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise … I am broke. Very very broke. I don’t have any money … at all. Thanks” he wrote

He the followed his tweet with another tweet emphasizing his previous statement about living the broke life.

The rapper added to his thread of broke tweets and is now allegedly considering to start a Go Fund Me page to receive donations from fans.

I’m considering starting an AKA go fund me page where you can donate … to me. Will you help me?” he wrote

Do you think this is true and more importantly, would you donate?

By Sinakho Mandla

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