Solo Opens Up About Accepting His Calling As Isangoma

Solo Opens Up About Accepting His Calling As Isangoma. As questionable as it has become seeing numerous artists getting into traditional healing, they all steal adamant on educating people about it. Rapper Solo has his experience and was kind enough to share his story.

Alongside his wife Dineo Moeketsi The Floric rapper embarked on a journey of becoming traditional healers.

“We are trained healers,” Solo said. “In the beginning, eight years ago, it was kind of a concept of spirituality, being spiritual people and that evolved into and directed itself into ubungoma.”

Dineo shared that when she found out she had the calling, she’d gone to consult a sangoma about a totally different issue.

The couple also shared that they went through the process of initiation together and are very grateful they had each other to walk this journey with.

“We are black love, rooted in black spirituality. For me, when people say, ‘Oh my God, you guys are so lucky’, I think it’s through the guidance of our ancestors,” Dineo said.


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