Why AKA Is Encouraging Community Radio Stations To Call Him Up For More Interviews

Why AKA Is Encouraging Community Radio Stations To Call Him Up For More Interviews. Being a high profile celebrity like Kiernan Forbes can make it hard for people who are considered to be below the radar to get to him.

To most people’s suprises the rapper gave a very sincere answer when asked if he would consider catering to another kind of audience. When a fan questioned if he ever comes through to Community radio stations for interviews, he highlighted how important he find them to be and is willing to attend them.

The Jika rapper stated that he is open to attending interviews from community radio stations because they make a good impact on a brand.

“Community radio stations are super important. I definitely need to make more time to come through to them more often. Which station you need me at bruh?,” he asked.

Just when people thought he was someone who couldn’t be reached, he made it easy for his fan base to even grow bigger. All this is an addition to hits he keeps dropping and an app that’s taking off in the most impressive way.

Aphelele Peyana

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