How Emtee Lashed Out At Being Advised To Be More Like A-Reece

How Emtee Lashed Out At Being Advised To Be More Like A-Reece. While some artists don’t mind being matched, some feel like it is nothing but disrespect.

Just early on the week Emtee claimed that artists from Ambitiouz Entertainment were trying to be like him. It seems like some fans don’t think of him as a good example of a figure to imitate.

The rant of the Hustla on twitter has posed questions on his state of any form, he has been called rude and attention seeking. In all the times fans trolled him he hits back, but there is something unique about this recent reaction.

Criticising Emtee’s rant, a fan told him to act more like Areece who is his former rival. He expressed how furious the statement made him.

“I’m me. Why should I be like the next guy? I’m actually a humble cool kid. Nina nje nifuna ngiyeke lezinja that are cyber bullies!? Fuck that! I’m a leader, pioneer and a revolutionary. I’m dying behind that. I’m front line,” tweeted Emtee.

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