JR Compares South African Arts To A Spaza Shop, Here’s Why

JR Compares South African Arts To A Spaza Shop, Here’s Why. Not so long after AKA shared his view on the SA Arts & Culture being quiet during the pandemic, JR comes towards to echo the same sentiments.

The Feel Good Session maker went on a fury rant online and questioned the Sports And Arts and Culture department for not giving attention to artists. Expressing the depth of his worry he said he had to fire workers because there’s no money that has been allocated to artists during the pandemic.

“This relief fund situation has me thinking that maybe I let musicians down when I wrote these words,” he said presenting a new single titled IMini’iyeza. He continued on to say that

“Does @SportArtsCultur know how many people I employ that I had to let go of? How many of them are women and men with family responsibilities?”

AKA stated last week that : “All these people we call “OG’s” in the music industry are quiet as FUCK with regards to how to lead us during this pandemic. An absolute void of leadership. What is to become of our artists and their livelihoods?

“If we don’t do something serious, the arts will also be a casualty of this pandemic.”

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