L’tido Shares How Anatii’s Single Wena Didn’t Receive The Attention It Deserved

L’tido Shares How Anatii’s Single Wena Didn’t Receive The Attention It Deserved. It’s been a while since we heard from Anatii and his musical plans but he did offer classic worthy songs.

L’tido has always paid compliment where it’s due, this time around he gave props to the single Anatii dropped back in 2018. Titled Wena the song is featured on Iyeza album. The 16 star said that the single didn’t receive the attention it deserved. After dropping joint projects with AKA including Don’t Forget To Pray and Be Careful What You Wish For Anatii changed his sound.

When the award winning rapper altered his sound he dropped songs that mainly consisted of Xhosa rap, that affected how others perceived his music. The comparison to his new and old sound made it impossible for his music to reach the peak it was once on. To notice this change was L’tido and many other fans who felt his project deserved to be at the top.

“Wena by Anatii is such an amazing record … it deserved way more love than it got,” he wrote.

Speaking to Hype Magazine he shared what he had instore for fans after disappearing on social media.

“Given the nature of our industry and people wanting the element of surprise, I can’t disclose too much at the moment, but just between you and I, I’ve collaborated with about 21 artists over the past 3 months. I’m really excited for those projects to be released,” he said.

“2020 is set to be a really amazing year. It’s a new decade, new energy and most importantly new music,” added Anatii.

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