What Riky Rick Donated To The Less Unfortunate Amidst Pandemic Battle

What Riky Rick Donated To The Less Unfortunate Amidst Pandemic Battle. When the lockdown commenced it led to many citizens suffering.

Since they had no means of making ends meet, hunger striked badly being deemed as what would wipe out the population before Covid-19 does. A number of celebrities came through with donations, including rapper Riky Rick.

Celebrities have received major backlash in the past for taking images when handing out goods to poor people. To give people a different side was Riky who simply shared a clip of the goods he bought to donate.

The Family Values star joins the likes of Khuli Chana who also went around his area to feed the less fortunate. What both rappers have in common is that they had vans fully packed of various essential goods.

The Cotton King worked with his barber shop to make the donation a possibility.

“THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH ❤️ Lets keep helping each other out and spreading love every which way we can. Big up to our @legends_barber family and everyone who donated this weekend. Peace and Happiness,” wrote Riky.

Not every rapper felt they should take images of what they donate and whom they donate to. Cassper made it clear that he won’t adhere to such standards.

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“We can only rise by lifting others” ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 📸: @young_stilo_

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