Emtee Continues To Justify His Financial Status

Emtee Continues To Justify His Financial Status. Social media has given people powers to express themselves as they please, one of those people is Emtee.

The unfortunate part about the The Hustla is that he has also fell victim to the trolling as much he ditches out his share of disses.

Earlier on the week Emtee was called broke by a tweep which he made clear to that he was not broke and that his son still attends a private school. The topic died down for a while until the Manando star brought it back with another tweet about money.

“Why are rich Africans assholez?” wrote Emtee. “I been having money. I’m a hustla and I will die before starving my kids.”

When some tweeps dragged his financial status, he told them “I can put my life on the line; I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW COMBINED!”

Aphelele Peyana

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