“Emtee did me dirty,” Upcoming Artist Lil Zara Exposes The Hustla!

“Emtee did me dirty,” Upcoming Artist Lil Zara Exposes The Hustla. Rapper Emtee has been exposed by an upcoming rapper Lil Zara for allegedly breaching agreement on their collaboration.

The young rapper took to social media to reveal the bits and details of what took place between him and Emtee. He said he paid the Hustla for a feature and promotion but he didn’t come through.

“I still cant believe how Emtee did me dirty. I paid him for a FT and still demanded money for promoting the song which i paid as well. Fast forward We did a song together on my EP and Emtee went mute on me the day I dropped,” Lil Zara.

He added; “When Emtee and his manager came back to us after 2 months,I was already done with my EP. I wanted to put the Emtee song on my Ep because I knew it would elevate my EP. Everything they asked us to pay we did even the over priced studio time and beat. Because I knew the kind of influence a person like Emtee can have on my EP.”

The thread went on to include he thought the opportunity would be a great success since Emtee always seem pleased to assist young upcoming rappers.

“My team and I decided to do a Preoder 2 days before the EP was released. I thought Emtee would be happy to tweet about it, since he’s always talking about uplifting young, upcoming artist but to my suprise. He wanted to be paid for posting on his Instagram and twitter,” reveals Zara.

The upcoming star shared receipts as proof to validate his claims against the Roll Up star.

“Emtee was tagged on over 5000 tweets, but he still choose to ignore and continue tweeting his own tweets. Knowing very well he was paid to promote. I texted his manager telling him we at number 3, can Emtee engage, I was blue ticked.”

Emtee has since denied claims!

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