Flame’s Ex-Girlfriend Goes On A Rant Addressing Him To Leave Her Out Of His Music

Flame’s Ex-Girlfriend Goes On A Rant Addressing Him To Leave Her Out Of His Music. The drama we have witnessed transpiring between Flame and his girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle online has been the proof of a new ‘it will end in tears’ trend.

The couple only went public with third relationship late last year,2019. The relationship became became envy for many since they always made it clear how in love and supportive they are of each other. Unfortunately it all came down crashing when Ashleigh was exposed for allegedly cheating on the Candy Man rapper.

The break-up was confirmed after the cheating saga by Flame who revealed that Ogle was refusing to give him his assets back. In the process Flame has been working on his music, a few lines from his latest records threw shades at his ex. This past weekend Ashleigh expressed how she felt about what Flame says about her in his new music. She called him a liar.

“Lit up a splif and float away baby 🦋 Leave the past alone! You could never get over things, like the baby. Move on boo, if you ain’t saying it to me you ain’t saying it to nobody coz I don’t listen to the music anymore, I pay people for that!

“Really lame that you can’t keep me out the music, so tired of hearing lies nigga when you gon tell the truth.”

Aphelele Peyana

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