How AKA Contributed To The Fight Against Gender-based Violence

How AKA Contributed To The Fight Against Gender-based Violence. While some celebrities advertise their efforts of doing the good or simply limit their contributions to tweets, AKA decides to do the opposite.

During the lockdown the country wasn’t only facing issues of retrenchment, poverty and police brutality but it also experienced a drastic increase of gender based violence. The killing of women and children reached a peak that still seems impossible to end but possible to fight.

Certain organizations focus on fighting these issues by either offering financial consolidation or protecting women. One of those organizations were Rise Up Against Gender Based Violence which revealed that Supa Mega put money silently to the course.

“Rise Up Against Gender based violence would like to thank AKA for the donation towards evacuating survivors of domestic violence to places of safety during Lockdown,” wrote the organization.

AKA made it clear that he is all about the action than likes and retweets.

“People think they so fucking influential. RT this, hashtag that and walk around for the rest of the day like they saving the world 🤣 … wake up people!!!”

Aphelele Peyana

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