“Humbleness doesn’t exist in Hip Hop,” Rouge Explains

“Humbleness doesn’t exist in Hip Hop,” Rouge Explains. Hip hop industry is a complex place to be in for others since it may require one to display a certain attitude or demeanor.

“Do you think the word “humble” is related to HipHop culture? And also do you think SA artists are fair to each other interms of unity, supporting each other etc?” questioned a tweep.

Answering to a fan’s question on whether there’s humbleness in the sport, Rouge said No ending it off with a an explanation.

“Humble does not exist in Hiphop if I’m being honest just the lyrics alone is us hyping ourselves all the time… If anything supporters love the most Cocky ones. The support can be soooo much more. It’s not where it should be.”

Although she mentioned no names but her statement had people talking.

See reactions:

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