“Don’t call me an award winning artist anymore,” Explains Emtee

Emtee urges fans to support his most recent music

“Don’t call me an award winning artist anymore,” Explains Emtee. The Hustla has recently been on a mission to advise fans to stop supporting the music he dropped while he was at Ambitiouz Entertainment because he isn’t gaining anything.

After winning 11 awards on various plartfoms including Metro FM, SAHHA, SAMAs, Afrimmas, MTV and BET Awards Emtee has nothing to show for since all his winnings were owned by AE. He attempted to get his trophies back but didn’t win leading to the matter being approached legally.

The Pear Thusi hitmaker urged fans to stop purchasing Manando and Avery albums because the people he is fighting now are benefiting while he’s not.

“Trust me. Forget about it cos you know the sales n stream money is not coming to me,” he told fans.

He went on to tell people to stop referring to him as an award winning artist.

“I’m not “an award winning artist” anymore. Don’t call me that (humbly)All that fake shit doesn’t count for shit anymore. Pretend it never happened . Please support my most recent music,” he wrote.

There hasn’t been any public updates on the legal proceedings between Emtee and Ambitiouz Entertainment.

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