Flex Rabanyan On Why He Wouldn’t Date Pearl Thusi

Flex reveals she's taking a break from dating!

Flex Rabanyan On Why He Wouldn’t Date Pearl Thusi. In the dating life there’s preference and standards that decides which group a person fits into. After sharing with fans that he was taking a break from dating, Flex shared why it wouldn’t be easy for him to date Pearl Thusi.

“taking a break from dating till I figure out what I want from them vs what they want from me,” wrote Flex.

Media personality and mother of two Pearl Thusi has always been an envy to many women and a crush to many men. Emtee freestyled a song about her which became a hit proving how admired she is for her looks. Her love life has included a few men in the industry, the last one with sports commentator Robert Marawa.

While she serves as a dream woman for most men, rapper Flex expressed that as fire as Pearl is, she’s a bit older for his liking. He called her a milf, an informal name reffered to attractive older women.

Flex is currently attempting a major comeback in the industry, he has been releasing music which is he trying to push.


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