K.O On Whether Or Not He Has Met A Girl He Wants To Marry

K.O keeps his love life locked from the public!

K.O On Whether Or Not He Has Met A Girl He Wants To Marry. Apart from the interest on his music, most fans have been curious to know about Mr Cashtime’s love life. Instead of giving out enough to feed into the curiosity, K.O simply shrug the questions off.

Recently a fan questioned the Supa Dupa rapper if he is still treading on his line of “never met a girl I wanna marry” or if he has changed his tunes. He simply replied by stating that not everything is for socials, giving out an impression that he prefers keeping that aspect of his life entirely private.

The last time K.O made headlines about his love life he was dating model and influencer Sarah Langa. 

The two split back in 2015 right around the time the CaraCara hitmaker experienced issues with Cashtime Records.

Back in the same year later, Cashtime said that he was focused on making music.

“I am [pause] happily single. Right now I’m just chasing my dream. I had a relationship and that ended early last year. For me I’m happy that I can focus again on what matters, which is my music. But relationships are wonderful and significant,” K.O declared in 2015.

“I don’t have kids. I don’t have a wife. But I’m very family-oriented. I live with Ma-E and my little brother. As a family man, the only family I have are my brothers, mom, dad and nephews. All my brothers have kids, except for me, so I treat them as my kids.”

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