Riky Rick Says Cassper “ Betrayed Me And My Family When We Needed HIM the most”

Riky has finally revealed his side of the story on why he and Cassper fell out. In a series of tweets the rapper mentioned that Cassper betrayed Riky and his family when they needed him the most.

In a lengthy tweet Riky wrote “Imagine 2nd track you talking about something that happen 3years ago… Weirdest part is that he was the one who Betrayed Me and my family when We needed HIM the most. Kodwa Eish…maybe Ill tell the sorry next week. For now enjoy the album.”

He added on by saying it bother him that Cassper is acting like a victim tweeting “ What bothers me is cassper acting like a victim when they know what exactly what did. QHA. “I THOUGH YOU LOVED ME” GTFOH”

Riky however is down to fixing things with Cassper, the rapper closed off by saying “Sibadala. Anyone who wants to solve an issue can solve it with one phone call or meeting. I get he wanted to get it off his chest. Shap, we heard you. But are you gonna offer any solutions, are you gonna actually pull up and talk like men are supposed to? My number the same.”

Riky Rick’s tweets were in reaction to the second song on Cassper’s album called “To Whom It May Concern”. You can listen to the song below;

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