Shane Eagle Reveals Five Unknown Facts About His Debut Album ‘Yellow’ As He Celebrates Its 3rd Year

Eagle promises to drop new music.

Shane Eagle Reveals Five Unknown Facts About His Debut Album ‘Yellow’ As He Celebrates Its 3rd Year. The best thing about music is how it ages like wine, as time goes on it starts having a much greater effect and that’s what Shane Eagle achieved with his debut album Yellow.

Earlier this week Eagle was celebrating Yellow going on its third year and shared a few facts about it. Despite the album landing him an opportunity to make music with American rapper Bas but it was a masterpiece he worked on for years.

1. He was 19 years when he worked on the album. 

2. His favourite song on the album is Strange. 

3. Everything he rapped about on the album came true. 

4. Yellow changed his life forever, meaning it brought nothing but greater fortune.

5. He suffered depression which led to him dropping a masterpiece.

“It’s amazing to see how excited fans of my art get, I appreciate all the love and support,” he said speaking to East Coast Radio’s Bongani.

Yellow was followed by Dark Moon Flower mixtape which left fans even more impressed and anticipating more music. Luckily there’s an assurance that more is coming possibly with A-Reece as a feature.

“Dark Moon Flower out now. love to everyone who worked on here. And helped me make this, humbled to share my debut mixtape. This is history and special. Dark Moon Flower is the next part of my journey , it’s part of the story
this is my ascension,” he wrote.

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