Sjava On The Part He Played In Helping People To Unite With Their Fathers

Sjava praises Ruff & Saudi

Sjava On The Part He Played In Helping People To Unite With Their Fathers. Award winning musician Sjava released a song Baba which became a hit that wasn’t only good to an hear but motivated positive action.

UBaba is the second single from Sjava’s debut album Isina Muva. The single consist of strong powerful lyrics where the Before star expresses how much he misses his late father and how he wishes he was around to see what he has achieved. He states how disappointing it is that he was a failure in his father’s eyes when he passed.

Joining in to complete the songs as the hit that is it is was Saudi who also shares his parts on a fatherly related issue. The song motivated a number of people to iron out their relationships with their fathers. Sjava couldn’t be more prouder at what he, Saudi and Ruff managed to create.

“Alot of people tell me they have reunited with their fathers because of this song
Thank you for listening to what we saying on these songs . This shows its more than just lyrics. What’s your testimony on this song? Thank you to @Ruff_atm @Saudi_rsa,” wrote Sjava.

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