The Big Hash Reveals Which American Artist He Dreams Of Working With

The Big Hash Reveals Which American Artist He Dreams Of Working With

South African rappers have broken a lot of boundaries in the entertainment industry, making way for opportunities to work with iconic artists from over seas and all parts of the world, having produced many hip hop bangers with the like of Nasty C and T.I, Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa and many more leading the way.

The Big Hash is among those who are working toward an international feature with an international hip hop star and he is reaching for the stars as to whom he wants to work with, as this talented award winning singer, songwriter is one of the most featured American vocalist’s right now known to kill a hook.

Taking to Twitter the “Amnesia” hitmaker revealed his request to the man upstairs, asking for a feature from his idol Ty Dolla $ign, and we are not the only one’s who thing if that link up would ever happen, the streets of hip hop would literally go insane.

God please bless me with a Ty Dolla $ign feature” he wrote.

A fan responded to Hash’s tweet claiming that he can plug him with a guy he knows who sounds exactly like the “Expensive” hitmaker however, the rapper who is not prepared to settle for less, declined the offer claiming that he will not rest until he gets exactly what he wants.

“No offense, but I asked for who I asked for and I wonโ€™t rest until I get the real thing” he said.

By Sinakho Mandla

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