Tweezy On Why He Plans To Do A Documentary On His Journey With Ambitiouz Entertainment

AE show Tweezy some love

Tweezy On Why He Plans To Do A Documentary On His Journey With Ambitiouz Entertainment. You can love music and be talented but it takes a certain boost to expose the best level of your skills, Tweezy gained his major boost when he joined Ambitiouz Entertainment.

As a producer Tweezy never received the spotlight he felt he deserved for his abilities. In time he started believing that he was just mediocre, that was until he developed a positive mindset after winning Awards and dropping great hits.

“The greatest mistake I ever made was seeking validation. Believing I’m mediocre when I’m amazing,” he wrote.

Ambitiouz Entertainment, a label that granted him a chance to grow more into becoming the best he is expressed how important he has been to them.

“From Starting days of AE you’ve been with us and never left when we needed you the most. A very important part of the Ambitiouz Story since day 1. You are Amazing Mr Ayoba FR, FR 😤🔥 Loyal Talented Soul,” wrote the stable.

The rapper couldn’t be more appreciative and stated how he will one day release a Netflix series that will showcase his journey with AE, hopefully air on Netflix.

“We need to give the world the full Ambitiouz Story in book form or Netflix – Style documentary 🔥🚀 Thanks for always believing in me my family. The Story Continues,” wrote Tweezy.

At this point, he is working on an album with Kid Tini The Second Coming in addition to many features he has on the works.


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