Emtee Tells Tweezy To Get Off Pop Smoke’s D*ck!

Emtee Tells Tweezy To Get Off Pop Smoke’s D*ck! In all the times Emtee has expressed hewould never work with Tweezy, it wasn’t easy to establish if it there were bad vibes until recently.

Emtee has always used Twitter to confront any celebrity he disagrees with or just isn’t fond of. We have seen him throw shots at the likes of Flame, Cruz Afrika and Cassper amongst many trolls. The latest clarity to one of the people he doesn’t seem to favour most is Tweezy. He told him to get off Pop Smoke’s d*ck.

When Tweezy released his single with Cassper titled Amademoni there were assumptions circulating that they copied Pop Smoke’ sound. Later on the Levels producer admitted to have sampled Pop’s sound.

“No we did not “Bite” Pop Smoke’s Dior or any other joint. 💀No we didn’t hear anyone’s song previously released and get inspired to replicate that. 😂 We just executed our own idea very well…& the result is a smash hit tribute to Pop Smoke for inspiring us,” wrote. Tweezy.

Today, he wished the slain American rapper a happy birthday to further show his appreciation to him as more than just a rapper. Reacting to the tweet Emtee told him to get off his d*ck.

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