Emtee On Why He’s Not Concerned About Working With A-Reece Now

Emtee assures fans he's a big hustle when concerns of marketing arises!

Emtee On Why He’s Not Concerned About Working With A-Reece Now. Some of the relationships amongst rappers that were once signed at AE collapsed after they left the label, to a point where others promised never to work with each other ever again.

A fan asked Emtee on why he doesn’t he work with A-Reece since they both left Ambitiouz despite their history. The Hustla mentioned that his music will get him where he wants to be, implying that he won’t rely on features to grow in music.

The relationship between Reece and Emtee went south when they started beefing right around the same time the Residual Image rapper departed from AE. When the Roll Up star left the stable he started pouring his heart out on how much he regrets beefing with Reece, he even went as far as to say he wouldn’t mind working with him.

“I feel like music is greater than words of exchange. Just because I said ‘F you’ yesterday, it don’t mean I shouldn’t work with you.”

On an interview with Pearl Thusi on Behind The Story, Reece expressed that he knew Emtee wanted to leave before him in AE which didn’t make sense that he beefed with him for leaving.

“I’m gonna put it out how it is. You see, Emtee, he had the same feelings I had about the label and his were probably worse because they were bottled in. I remember we had a show in PLK and I was with him in the Van. It was me, him and Flame and he was like ‘yoh, you can’t even be an artist as yourself in this label because you are marginalized. I think I am going to leave sooner than I thought’– those were his words, ” Reece said.

He also told Slikour On Life that he would only work with artists if it “makes sense”.

“I don’t do features for the sake of just doing them. But if they make sense I would.”


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