Nota Reveals He Is A Multi-millionaire & States What It Took To Gain His Wealth In Rap

Nota shares the pride of how he got to be wealthy

Nota Reveals He Is A Multi-millionaire & States What It Took To Gain His Wealth In Rap. Self praised music mogul Nhlamulo Baloyi popularly known as Lavida Nota or Authoritative took to social media reveal recently that he is indeed a multi-millionaire.

Nota revealed the shocking news with am added courtesy to take followers through what he did and didn’t do to reach that desirable point in his life.

“Multi-Millionaire. I made it off rap music… Not from promoting shows, not creating music festivals, not traveling the continent, not from getting endorsement deals, not from being an influencer, but just rap music. Just to prove you can do it because nobody every did it before!

“Even though I did all the above that’s not what made me wealthy it’s just what kept me occupied and employed while I built something generational. Role model, someone kids can look up to,” said Baloyi.

He added he is the one worthy to set trends and speak best on SA Hip Hop.

“When it comes to this SA Hip-hop thing, there are few kings. When it comes to rap music I am the king maker. Thee authority. You can take as I’m giving it to you or you can kid yourself. It’s that simple. I’m not about to debate it. I earned the right and I’m exercising it fully.”


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