Speedsta Defends Why Hip Hop DJ’s All Repeat The Same Songs

Speedsta Defends Why Hip Hop DJ’s All Repeat The Same Songs. When a song. When a song becomes a favourite amongst the proper, it goes without saying that all DJ’s are probably going to spin the track at one point or another in their set.

In a candid tweet, Ms Cosmo candidly confronted the masses who call out hip hop DJ’s for repeating the same songs on their sets however, DJ’s from other genres get to walk away Scott free with the same crime.

Former colleague and industry mate DJ Speedsta responded to Cosmo claiming that it’s not so much the people who complain but the DJ’s themselves, adding that consumers will take whatever they are given no matter how many times they’ve heard it from a couple of people before.

“The Hip Hop DJ’s complain about the repeating of songs… not so much the consumer” Speedsta wrote.

The No Stress hitmaker added that in every DJ’s come up day no matter what genre, they will alway end up playing all the current popular tracks and that’s just the name of the game.

“In your early days of shining as a DJ (Whatever Genre) you’re bound to play all the hits out at the moment… you have no choice” Speedsta wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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