AKA Shares How The Hate On His ‘Banana Deluxe’ Cruz Vodka Edition Worked On His Favour

AKA Shares How The Hate On His ‘Banana Deluxe’ Cruz Vodka Edition Worked On His Favour. After announcing the launch of his brand new limited edition with Cruz Vodka of a Banana Flavor Deluxe AKA recieved praise as equally as he did criticism. The benefit to it all is that negative remarks also worked on his favour.

The outside appearance of the bottle of Banana Deluxe was compared to a container of a Got2B Freezing Spray. Looking slightly similar the joke reached a larger audience even more when it was shared by America’s famous Instagram blog The Shade Room.

Instead of finding offence, Mega simply applauded how the hate helped market his product to larger audience of over 21 Million people on social media.

“People hating got my product on the shade room. Now 21.5 million more people know about #BananaDeluxe ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿบ … thank you so much! Keep it up!!!” wrote the Jika rapper.

Speaking about the release of the product, AKA said that he was aiming to vibe with it.

โ€œI wanted to create a Banana flavoured vodka because it has never been done before. Itโ€™s always about the vibes and taking it to the next level. Hereโ€™s my gift to you, a toast to the Supa-Mega, the unique taste of CRUZ Banana Deluxe.โ€


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