“Don’t Patronize Me” Gigi Lamayne Warns Trolls To Refrain From Disrespecting Her

“Don’t Patronize Me” Gigi Lamayne Warns Trolls To Refrain From Disrespecting Her. Gigi Lamayne appealed to all the bullies who have been trying her, to quit while they’re at it because she’s so much more than what people make her out to be.

The world of rap is still a male dominated career even today and women who dare try to win in the same domain are often trolled, bullied and criticised for wanting a seat at the table, and Gigi has had just about enough of it.

In a tweet, Gigi went off at trolls, reminding the masses who think they can get away with belittling her, that her layers go much deeper than the booty shaking and rapping that many of us have come to know and love her for.

Gigi who clearly is a bigger intellect than most thought added that she is a political and philosophy major with receipts to prove it, so those who come for her are playing with some serious fire.

Don’t patronize me. I may be out here rapping and shaking my booty but don’t you ever forget- I am a political and philosophical scholar. Got the receipts too. Respect me. I can be completely naked but still have a seat at the table. Don’t come for me- ever” Gigi wrote.

You’ve been warned!!!

By Sinakho Mandla

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