Flex Rabanyan Credits Duduzane Zuma For Saving SA Hip Hop

Flex Rabanyan Credits Duduzane Zuma For Saving SA Hip Hop. Businessman and rapper Flex Rabanyan has expressed how highly he thinks of Big Zulu but commended Duduzane Zuma for being the saviour SA Hip Hop needed in a while.

The song Imali Eningi is currently the biggest in the country, being at the attention of everyone it receives both negative and positive views. After 2 weeks since the song was released, former President’s son Duduzane Zuma added more fuel to the hype around it by releasing a video with Big Zulu’s Imali Eningi playing in the background.

Flex expressed that the actual person who saved SA Hip Hop was Duduzane instead of the artists. “Thank you Duduzane Zuma for saving SA Hip Hop,” he wrote.

The Money Talks rapper went on to clarify his statement by showing Big Zulu some respect.

“I’m sorry for how my tweet was received regarding Imali Eningi by Big Zulu. I absolutely love the SONG and was admiring how Duduzane’s appreciation brought the love it deserves. Shwele Nkabi @BigZulu_ZN,” Flex.



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