Moozlie Stresses About Being An Independent Artist & A Vodka Partner

Moozlie Stresses About Being An Independent Artist & A Vodka Partner. A celebrity like Moozlie who is not limited to one thing is considered a hard worker and she has served as an inspiration for handling a number of things at once. But, the Vatel expressed how stressful it can be to juggle her hustles.

Mooz has done the most things in the industry, released songs that earned her Best Female award in addition to music videos with numbers that are shooting up on YouTube. She is accumulating all this success as an independent artist. Her wins also include landing a deal with Cruz Vodka which remains as the biggest highlights of her career in 2020.

She expressed how stressful it is for her to work on various projects at once but in the same breath was grateful at the opportunities she has been granted.

“Mara why did God wanna make me an independent artist & a vodka partner at the same time. iStress esingaka mara Baba,” she wrote. The tweet wasn’t recieved well by some tweeps who considered it bragging.


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