A Quick Look Into Cape Town’s Colourful Talent!

Cape Town is home to a variety of eccentric and powerful Hip-Hop artists, here is a list of five of those artists and what they can do.

A quick look into Cape Town’s colourful talent! Cape Town and its surrounds is home to some of the South Africa’s amazing pool of rappers and producers. Some known more to others but all round these rappers bring heat to everything they’re featured on be it a collaboration or a solo project. Here is a quick look into the colourful talent that Cape Town holds.


Loud and proud about his Cape Malay culture, YoungstaCPT has been named one of South Africa’s best lyricists and rappers. The rapper has plenty awards to his name and always gives an authentic look into Cape Town through his music. The For Coloured Girls hitmaker is also known for his love of style, YoungstaCPT has an apparel store Y?Gen Apparel located in Wynberg.

Stream his latest release 3T here: https://music.apple.com/za/album/3t/1455377667

Dee Koala

Born and Raised in Khayalitsha Cape Town, Dee Koala released her debut album 4 The Khaltsha in 2019 featuring Moonchild Sanelly, Yungin Poetik, and Lookatups. In 2020 the youthful rapper won the South African Hip-Hop Award for Best Female Of the Year beating out competition Indigo Stella, MsSupa and Bizcuit.

You can stream 4 The Khaltsha here: https://fanlink.to/deekoala4thekhaltsha


The young rapper from Cape Town released his debut project at in December 2020, CAPE TOWN RADIO with only two features from Manu WorldStar and J Molley. The rapper has performed alongside the likes of star producer Zooci CokeDope on his ‘Anxiety’ tour and Riky Rick at the popular Cotton Festival.

You can stream: CAPE TOWN RADIO here: https://music.apple.com/za/album/cape-town-radio/1541598600


Lookatups has collaborated with Dee Koala, newcomer Behold Benzo, and Phantom Steeze on his EP Stimela. The rapper recently changed his Instagram bio to ‘#albummode’ to inform fans that his album is currently in production. In 2020 he released two singles Slept On featuring Ka$h CPT and Insertcoinz.

Steam his single Insertcoinz here: https://music.apple.com/za/album/insertcoinz/1506704649?i=1506704650

Dope Saint Jude

Catherine St Jude otherwise known as Dope Saint Jude is a queer rapper who’s music has featured both Netflix and HBO original shows. Dope Saint Jude released her first project Reimagine in 2016 and in 2020 the rapper averaged a total of 1.4 million Spotify streams. The rapper has a ‘Power Poetry’ series on her Instagram page where she shares her thoughts with her followers.

Stream her latest single Go High Go Low here: https://music.apple.com/za/album/go-high-go-low-single/1500971994

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