Big Zulu Reacts As Imali Eningi Continues To Top TV & Radio Charts

Big Zulu Reacts As Imali Eningi Continues To Top TV & Radio Charts. Big Zulu may not have taken the song of the year award, but trophy’s don’t mean anything as compared to the love that the people have shown him.

Big Zulu hit the jackpot with the release of ‘imlali Eningi’ and with the help of Riky Rick and Intaba Yase Dubai, there’s just no telling how far the song is going to go.

“Imali Eningi” produced one of the most famous twitter challenges of 2020 with #DuduzaneChallenge ,and is still the number one song on the charts across all genres.

Taking to twitter, the rapper thanked his supporters and collaborators for the win, and we’re very eager to see just how much longer the single will be able to hold the top spot on the music charts.

Mali Eningi is sitting on number 1. is still the most played song on Radio & Tv. is still the biggest song in the country across all music genre @rikyrickworld @intabayasedubaiBig Zulu wrote.

The ‘Vuma Dlozi’ rapper has also received a nod at the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) for the ‘Listeners Choice’ category and we know the Nkabi Nation is routing for their leader to win.

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