Cassper Shares His Feelings After The Young Boy He Rescued Chose To Go Back To The Streets

Cassper Shares His Feelings After The Young Boy He Rescued Chose To Go Back To The Streets. Aside from rap, Cassper is focused on helping the community and what makes him even more dope is that he does it away from social media.

Taking to twitter, Cassper posted a thread about a 21 year old young male he rescued from the streets named Mzwandile, and has been off substance abuse for two months

The rapper shared that he is now disappointed by the choice that Mzwandile made of quitting the rehabilitation program after 2 months, and has decided to return to the streets.

” Mzwandile has decided to go back to the streets. He’d been clean of all substances for just over 2 months & making good progress at a rehab center we had found for him” Cassper wrote.

The rapper expressed that no matter how much he and his team wanted to see Mzwandile do better, that truth is they can’t force him to change until he is ready to make the change.

“Mzwandile is 21yrs old, we can’t fight or force him to do anything” Cassper wrote.

Cassper has chosen to accept Mzwandile’s choice and has wished him all the best in the future. The rapper also thanked his team for their efforts in trying to rescue the troubled young man.

“we all did what we could but everyone travels their own journey and will change at their own willpower” Cassper wrote.

The ‘Good For that’ rapper described Mzwandile as a bright spark, claiming that he will forever treasure the experience and he hopes that he finds his way in due time.

“Hopefully ntwanaka o tla fola ka nako ya gage” cassper wrote.

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