Flvme Responds To Not Being On The Base Hottest MC’s List

Flvme responds to DJ Zan D's tweet on the controvercsial Base Hottest MC's List ial

Flvme responds to not being on the Base Hottest MC’s List. The MTV Base Hottest MC’s List causes controversy on the SA Hip-Hop streets every year with fans, fellow artists and industry professionals weighing in on what the list should look like in their opinions. The Base Hottest MC’s panel is usually filled with DJs, industry greats and those who’ve made impact in the SA Hip-Hop streets.

Flvme recently took to social media to share his feelings about the annual Base Hottest MC’s List. The Money Today rapper responded to a tweet by Base Hottest MC’s New Wave panelist DJ Zan D who insisted that the list was incomplete without Flvme. DJ Zan D wrote, “Flvme was meant to be added in the other list in December #HMCsNewWave”.

The South African Hip-Hop recipient responded “Not In This Country My Brother. They’ll never let that happen”.

Fans also shared their opinions about the Base Hottest MCs list:

Mixed & Mastered by Zooci CokeDope, Flvme’s album D.O.A (Dead or Alive) was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2020. Released in November 2020, the album is currently at Number 21 on the Apple Music Hip-Hop/Rap charts.

Add D.O.A (Dead or Alive) to your library here:

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