Focalistic Shows Off His Killer New Set Of Tattoos

Pitori Maradona, Focalistic shows off his new set of tattoos.

Focalistic shows off his killer new set of tattoos. Tattoos can either be a decision one regrets in the future or a very good one. South African rappers are obsessed with tattoos, usually tattoos add to a rapper’s brand.

Some South African artists who boast an incredible tattoo collection are AKA, A-Reece, Tshego, and Stilo Magolide.  Other rappers like Emtee and Saudi have both endured the pain of getting face tattoos to add to their large catalogue of tattoos.

The Ke Star hitmaker took to his social media to share his new tattoos with his fans. Among them is one of of the legendary football player Diego Maradona holding the world cup as an Argentinian football player in 1986. Throughout the rapper’s career, he has shown that he looks up to Diego Maradona as one of his biggest influences in life. Focalistic, who has named himself “Pitori Maradona” recently mentioned his love for the football star in his song Onkoro featuring Riky Rick, Semi Tee and Reece Madlisa off his debut album Sgubu Ses Excellent.

In his lyrics he says, “Jersey Number 10, relax raba  tsena”

The rapper also got one got one behind his ear, another one written 1996 on his wrists to symbolize the year he was born. “NEW TATS… WHO DIS?,” Focalistic captioned the photos of his new ink. Check them out below.


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