Jub Jub Fires Shots At The Jaziel Brothers Following ‘Ndikhokhele Remake’ Success

Jub Jub Fires Shots At The Jaziel Brothers Following ‘Ndikhokhele Remake’ Success! Jub Jub had a great 2020 with a hit show and the success of Ndikhokhele Remake at the end of the year but it seems not everyone is happy for him.

In an interview with Slikour, Jub Jub spoke about the success of his song and how all the proceeds will forever go the families of the kids involved in the accident he was part of. He also shared that not everyone was happy about the remake pointing out the Jaziel Brothers who he featured when the song first came out.

Jub Jub said the duo was bitter despite it being them who didn’t want to work with him.

“….number one for two weeks, the most amazing thing. Obviuosly we don’t care about all the other jealousy that is happening on the other side. We know that there are a lot of people that are bitter including the Jaziel Brothers. I’m not scared of anybody and I am even not scared of mentioning names because people need to know what we are dealing with, the industry is all fake,” Jub Jub said.

Jub Jub said he told the brothers the direction he was going to take with the remake as he had had a dream about who to put on the song. “….we doing this whether you like it or not, and I’m doing it with or with you and it will be big with or without you,” Jub Jub recalled.

The rapper however admitted that it would have been nice to have them in the video. Jub Jub said he was the one who put them on back in the day.

“It’s funny how back then what made the guys big was Ndikhokhele. You feed somebody then they come back and they forget. Jaziel Brothers were never big, they were big because of Ndikhokhele but now we are on the same level and we have been in the game longer than them,” he said.

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