Recap: A Look Into Base Hottest MCs New Wave 2021 List

A quick look into the Base Hottest MCs New Wave 2021 List

Recap: A Look Into Base Hottest MCs New Wave List 2021. Every year MTV Base’s Hottest MC’s List makes Twitter’s ‘Trending’ list with fans and fellow rappers having strong opinions about who should’ve been on the list and who shouldn’t have been. The Base Hottest MCs New Wave List comes after MTV Base released the Base Hottest MCs list in December 2020.

The panel for the Base Hottest MCs New Wave List consisted of a mix of new and old faces in the industry. The panel members were: DJ Nikki Newlands, music curator Kabelo Makhudu, journalist Jade Kelly, DJ Zan D, writer Misa Narrates and Uncle Vinny. The panel was chaired by MTV Base presenter and rapper Tshego Koke.

The Base Hottest Mcs New Wave list was deliberated over two 30-minute episodes. After disagreements, change of opinions and sometimes feelings getting in the way. The six panel members finally came together to agree on a list. The list is as follows:

  1. Blaq Diamond
  2. Touchline
  3. Lucas Raps
  4. Dee Koala
  5. 25K
  6. Indigo Stella
  7. Maglera Doe Boy
  8. Tumi Tladi
  9. Hanna
  10. Benny Chill

After the list was released, panelists Misa Narrates and Uncle Vinny took to twitter to share their opinions of what the two felt the list should’ve been.

Uncle Vinny wrote, “You can’t expect old people to go on a show and talk about the new wave when I have never seen them in any of the events that the kids are hosting“. Misa did not hold back on schooling the young influencer on what the task for the show was.

The mandate was not to discuss new wave the subgenre, but the “new wave” of musicians in industry Degrading the work of panelists that don’t agree w/ you on an arbitrary basis like age w/o listening or effectively communicating your thoughts is the catalyst of your frustration“, Misa wrote.

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