The Big Hash Debuts First Single Of 2021

When love comes to a close, there’s always time spent replaying the love story in our minds. Questions like “where did we go wrong” and “why didn’t I see the signs” are likely two that come up in that mourning process. 

Then, when you’re finally fed up with whatever is going on, you need some peace of mind. In his latest single, The Big Hash croons over an Elizée produced beat about the frustration that comes at the end of a romance cut short. “I’m so sick and tired of trying,” he sings about a relationship that seemed to be more down than up. 

Blending R&B and rap, the songs melodic tempo keeps a smooth pace throughout. Far from uptempo, this downbeat, 3-minute, single has been long awaited from The Big Hash’s upcoming project Heartbreak Hotel. Coming into 2021 strong, Hash believes that this single is certainly in the top five of his catalogue to date.

Stream “Peace Of Mind” 

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