Yanga Chief Reveals Who Started Rapping In Xhosa Between Him And Anatii!

Yanga Chief joins Slikour for a sit down interview about making PopStar and the influence of Xhosa rap

Yanga Chief Reveals Who Started Rapping In Xhosa Between Him And Anatii! The Utatakho hitmaker Yanga Chief has cemented himself as one of the best hip-hop artists in South Africa right now.

The rapper has contributed to writing some of South Africa’s biggest hit singles for the likes of AKA, Kwesta and JR. Yanga Chief is a diverse and calculated rapper and that has shown is multitude of talent through his various album releases throughout the year.

The award-wining rapper sat down recently with Slikour on his podcast ‘Slikour Onlife’. The pair discussed a wide range of topics around Yanga’s album Popstar, his journey as a rapper, South African politics, and more specifically how rapping in Xhosa has influence on South African hip-hop.

Slikour asked Yanga about his inspiration to start rapping in Xhosa as he is unsure of who started the trend between him and Anatii. “Me, I started it. I mean Kiernan told you himself you know, how the Xhosa rapping Anatii came about,” the rapper confidently replied.

Yanga praises the WENA rapper, “I’m happy that Anatii did the Xhosa thing because we need Anatii to be Xhosa. Yes, we need him because he is. For a long time, I was like, his music is good but it’s almost like someone we lost. He’s so Joburg, then he started rapping in vernac and he became one of us again”.

In a 2020 interview, AKA revealed that it was him who got Anatii to start rapping in Xhosa while pair were making their Be Careful What You Wish For album. In the interview he said, “I called Yanga in and I was like please can you activate this man’s juice”. In the same interview AKA revealed that it was in fact Yanga who wrote the vernac hook for their single 10 Fingers.

Watch Yanga Chief’s interview with Slikour here:

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