B3nchMarQ Drops Official Track list For Their Upcoming Album

B3nchMarQ Drops Official Track list For Their Upcoming Album. Rap duo B3nchMarQ have come far in their careers and are constantly looking to one up their previous work. The duo are ready to drop their next release and have an amazing list of features to brag about.

Jay Jody recently took to twitter to announce the duo’s official track list for their album, Power Trip Album. He tweeted, “THE OFFICIAL #PTA TRACKLIST WE’RE ALMOST THERE GANG GANG“.

The 18-track album has an amazing list of diverse features. The album will feature A-Reece, Kid X, DreamTeam, Manu WorldStar, BigStar Johnson and Pretoria songstress ThandoNje.

The duo have announced that the album will drop in February 2021 but have not formerly announced a date of when the album will be released.

The duo mentioned that in their promo video for the album, to make the album to their best of their ability they had to go all the way back to the beginning.

Pjay B3nchMarQ mentioned that their come up took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Doing it on his own Pjay gathered inspiration from his cousins who were DJs and took a firm interest in being an artist.

The interesting thing is he never wanted to be an artist he actually wanted to be a footballer.

Here is a closer look at the track list:

  1. Young OG
  2. Big Girl
  3. KingLish
  4. Sundown featuring Kid X
  5. Pitori 2 Dubane featuring Red Button & Dream Team
  6. Mam We Ngane featuring Bula
  7. Ride With Me
  8. Someone featuring ThandoNje
  9. Deja Vu
  10. Shmoke featuring Maggz
  11. New Friend$ featuring A-Reece
  12. Kunjalo featuring Bula
  13. Famous featuring Manu Worldstar
  14. Kawasaki
  15. Feela featuring BigStar Johnson
  16. Candy Rain/Sweet Vibes featuring pH Raw X
  17. Champagne Bottles featuring Laike Loner
  18. Grew Up

Stay tuned to B3nchmarQ’s social media for the offical Power Trip Album release date.

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