Bar For Bar: Could Emtee And Flvme Settle The Score Over A Hit Track?

Bar For Bar: Could Emtee and Flvme settle the score over a hit track? Award winning rappers Emtee and Flvme recently got into a heated twitter argument which started over Emtee asking his fans an innocent twitter question. Some might say Emtee was asking for trouble when he posed the question.

Emtee asked his fans who makes better hooks than him, to which fans responded Blaq Diamond and Dead or Alive rapper Flvme. Flvme took to the moment to say that he doesn’t believe that Emtee is a better rapper than him, and came for Emtee for disregarding his creativity.

Here is how the heated argument ended:

Flvme was not impressed with being called out for clapping back at Emtee, he felt that Emtee should be called out as well.

So when Emtee talk shii bout me it’s all good we must all be happy ? And when I clap back it’s disrespect ? La nyela all of” He tweeted.

Flvme responds to a fan saying Emtee paved the way for rappers like him. “The same one he’s stuck on?” Flvme wrote

When a fan mentioned a collaboration, the iThemba rapper mentioned that he doesn’t mind collaborating with Flvme. “I don’t mind. Maybe then we’ll see who’s who“, Emtee tweeted.

A fan who paid close attention to the twitter war, simplified the entire argument into just one tweet.

He wrote “I think Flvme was saying when you praise Emtee with his name in it don’t disrespect him as an artist.. because he also put in work hard and creatively. so it’s like even if you choose to not love him atleast respect him.. also the other way around“. Flvme responded “simple“.

Well, fans of the two rappers will have to sit and tight and see if the collaboration will take place and Emtee will get his answer of who delivers the better hook.

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