Flvme On Emtee “I Don’t Believe He’s A Better Artist Than Me”, Emtee Responds

Flvme on Emtee “I Don’t Believe He’s A Better Artist Than Me”, Emtee Responds. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on social media seeing that it is a free platform. However, some opinions often lead to disagreements between rappers and sparks a feud.

Emtee recently took to twitter to ask his fans their opinion of who makes better hooks than him in SA hip-hop. Fans responded mentioning duoBlaq Diamond and Flvme.

The FaceTime rapper tweeted that he doesn’t have anything against Emtee, he just doesn’t believe that he is better than him.

I don’t have anything against Emtee guys. I’m jus sayin I don’t believe he’s a better artist than me as much as he believes I’m not” Flvme tweeted.

It did not take the Wave rapper long to clap back at Flvme saying all he did was ask a question he never compared himself to anyone.

Emtee responded, “I asked a simple question. WHO MAKE BETTER HOOKS THAN ME? Never said I’m better than anybody or compared myself to anybody. Yall lil boys carry on competing. I’m making music n raising my kids“.

Flvme did not hold back saying that Emtee shouldn’t have disregarded his creativity. “Nobody competing bro. You should’ve just left it there and not disregarded my creativity.”

Flvme continued to diss Emtee saying that his last hit was in 2017. “Okay Emtee, your last hit was in 2017 what now?”

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