Cassper Indirectly Reacts To AKA’s Engagement

Cassper Indirectly Reacts To AKA’s Engagement. The rivalry between Cassper and AKA is certainly not a secret in the SA Hip-Hop community. The two have been at it for years now and Cassper always has something to say when it comes to AKA.

AKA recently announced his engagement to his fiancé Nelli Tembe on the 22nd of February 2021 and had everyone excited and shocked with the news. The two had only been together for about a year.

Radio personality Sol Phenduka extended his congratulations to the award winning rapper for his engagement. Phenduka wrote, “Congratulations brooooo!!!! Supamega. Now about that after RING, boxing ring, what’s going on? in Cassper Nyovest voice **

Cassper indirectly showed his feelings toward Sol Phenduka’s tweet by liking it on the low!

Check it out here:

The fight between Cassper and AKA has been on the cards for a long time now but none of the successful rappers have mentioned when or where the fight will happen. They have been back and forth about whether the fight will even happen or not.

AKA had previously stated that his team had reached out to Cassper and had sent out a letter of offer for the fight. AKA even went as far as sharing private messages between the two rappers where AKA said to Cassper hat he should just take the money.

Cassper provided his twitter followers and AKA proof that he signed the contract and he in fact waiting for AKA’s response. Cassper later told fans that he has had enough about the fight, and would rather focus on a project that should be ready by the first quarter of 2021.

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