Emtee Explains Difficult Transition From Being Signed To Owning His Own Record Label

Emtee Explains Difficult Transition From Being Signed To Owning His Own Record Label. Since his departure from popular record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, Emtee has proven that he can hold his own and be just as successful as an independent artist.

Emtee recently appeared on Morning Live to talk about his latest single iThemba and the transition from being signed under a label to becoming a record label boss himself. He announced his record label Emtee Records in 2019.

He told the host that the transition has been difficult. “It’s difficult now because in the past a lot of things were done for you. Everything was sort of laid out for you, you didn’t have to do much. Make music, and everything else is done.” Emtee said.

He continued by laying out his responsibilities as a record label boss. “This time around I do music, I do the submitting, I do the track listing, you name it”.

The Wave rapper mentioned that his wife plays a an important role at his company amongst having other team members to assist with the day-to-day running of the business. Emtee does hope that as time goes on, his record label Emtee Records will have grown exponentially.

Besides himself, Emtee currently has two other rappers signed to his label. Lolli and Flash Ikumkani. All three artists are set to release this year, with Emtee already promising that his album Logan will be released in March 2021.

Watch Emtee’s interview on Morning Live here:

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