Flex Rabanyan Praises Cassper For His Status In SA Hip-Hop

Flex Rabanyan Praises Cassper For His Status In SA Hip-Hop. A lot of younger rappers have expressed that they look up to the older ones for inspiration and guidance. SA Hip-Hop comes from far so there is certainly a lot to be inspired by.

The Hustle’s Season 1 winner Flex Rabanyan recently took to twitter to express his feeling toward Family Tree CEO Cassper Nyovest. Flex praised Cassper saying he shouldn’t have to prove that he is the greatest because he already is.

Cassper Nyovest should stop trying to prove that he is the greatest, he ALREADY IS. These minions will make him doubt his greatness because they their own internal inferiority issues! The day he dies, he will see how people REALLY love and adore him“. Flex wrote.

Flex Rabanyan has praised SA rappers before, he’s shown love to Big Zulu and his smash hit Mali Eningi. The Namhlanje rapper even went as far as thanking Duduzane Zuma for saving SA Hip-Hop after he posted a snap of the track.

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