Flvme Hits Back At Emtee With Diss Track

Flvme Hits Back At Emtee With Diss Track. Star rappers Flvme and Emtee have been at a back and forth on twitter about who is the better rapper between the two of them. Flvme going as far as sharing private messages between them, asking to meet him at a certain location for a fight.

Flvme recently took to twitter to prove that he is indeed the better rapper by clapping back at Emtee with a diss track. The CandyMan rapper put Emtee on the album cover and shared a snippet of the song with twitter fans. He condensed their beef in the lyrics of the song.

You drowning I can tell cause you’re barely staying a float. Let’s not even talk about them awards you know you would’ve had them with you if they wasn’t bought.” Flvme raps.

Titled “By Accident” the diss track was dropped on free streaming platform AudioMack.

The two rappers have been at it for a while now, going as far as comparing each other’s catalogues. Fellow industry rappers Da L.E.S and The Big Hash called for the feud to come to a end but Flvme and Emtee ignored the request and continued at each other.

Only time will tell to see what the two rapper’s next moves will be.

Listen to By Accident here:

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