J Molley Defends Uncle Vinny From Twitter Bullies

J Molley Defends Uncle Vinny From Twitter Bullies. Members of the SA Hip-Hop community are very verbal about their thoughts on each other on social media whether it’s negative or positive. Occasionally, they would come to each other’s rescue and stop fans from treating them awfully.

Recently, J Molley took to twitter to defend Uncle Vinny from Twitter influencer Daniel Marvan. The influencer compared a photo of supercars and one rundown car to Uncle Vinnny hanging out with celebrities.

J Molley quickly came to Uncle Vinny’s defence tweeting “He’s doing bigger things than you could dream of when you were his age & when he’s your age, tweeting kiddies jokes will be the furthest things he doing”.

Although he has achieved so much at his young age, he has also been caught in his fair share of twitter beefs. Recently he came under fire for defending new wave rappers against rappers that have been in the industry for longer.

Uncle Vinny has celebrated various achievements, at the age of 18 he hosted the SA Hip-Hop Awards in 2020, was the youngest panelist on the MTV Base Hottest MC’s List and recently became a presenter on MTV Base next to Tshego Koke and Pharoahfi.

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