Nasty C Talks How Black And White Collaboration With Ari Lennox Came Together

Nasty C Talks How Black And White Collaboration With Ari Lennox Together. Nasty C has already shaken the tables this 2021 by announcing his Zulu Man With Some Power Podcast. He also released the music video for this track Black and White with Ari Lennox that has had an amazing reception.

Nasty C recently appeared on the SABC 3 show Trending SA to talk about the Coming 2 America soundtrack and how the music video for Black and White came about.

The rapper told the hosts, “When people are doing movies they call artists that can either write songs that are linked to a specific scene or they call artists to put together a soundtrack, like an album that goes with the movie.

One host mentioned that he hopes Nasty plans to submit for Black Panther 2 because he is needed on that soundtrack.

Nasty was also asked about how the collaboration with Ari Lennox came about. He explained that his contacts in the States hooked up Ari’s feature.

He explained, “It was just one of those situations like, do you know about this guy? If not listen to some of his songs. Do you like him?” “I already had a song in the catalogue that fit her vibe so all I had to do was like do my research, listen to her and find something that fit“.

Nasty also recently released the behind the scenes clip to the Black and White music video. The video featured the two directors that lead the project, South African Kyle White and American director Walu.

The music video was a take on what a romantic relationship looks like for lovers during lockdown. The two directors put the visuals together seamlessly.

Watch the Black and White behind the scenes clip featuring Ari Lennox here:

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