SA Hip Hop Twitter TWars In 2021 So Far

SA Hip Hop Twitter TWars In 2021 So Far. It’s only been a few months of 2021 but we have already had a number of really gruesome twitter wars by our beloved hip hop artists, which have often created an alliance between the fans.

Although some of them didn’t drag out for long, there are those twitter wars that dragged on for a couple of day or even keep coming back from the grave. We have grouped together some of the hectic twitter exchanged between artists that we view as very memorable.

Emtee & Flvme

Emtee and Flvme butted heads for a few days about who the better rapper is. This resulted in many rappers jumping in the argument to try and intervene. All in all, the twitter war extended beyond social media and has now resulted in a diss track titled By Accident from Flvme specially for his now arch nemesis.

Flvme & Ambitiouz Entertainment

When things got heated between Flvme and Emtee, Ambitiouz Entertainment jumped in the equation and dropped a few disses directed at both rappers about their career. Flvme then revealed that the stable allegedly begged him to stay but that’s neither here nor there.

AKA & Cassper

Apart from having a long history of butting heads, Cassper and AKA’s boxing match was the most talked about fight in SA hip hop. The issue of the contract being signed became an issue and although we are most certain that it’s not happening, many had their bets on Cassper winning the title.

J Molley & The Big Hash

The ongoing feud between The Big Hash and J Molley got a bit hectic after a tweet posted by J Molley was miss-comunicated by The Big Hash who thought it was directed to him. This has let to a number of diss tracks and shady tweets about why rappers feel the need to become

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