The Big Hash Responds To J Molley’s Alleged Tweet About Him

The Big Hash Responds To J Molley’s Alleged Tweet About Him. The ongoing feud between The Big Hash and J Molley is not new on the SA Hip-Hop streets. In 2020 the two young rappers went bar for bar sharing their thoughts on each other through diss tracks. The beef began when The Big Hash warned J Molley that he had a line about the Seven Bottles rapper in his track I’m Sorry. Later J Molley accused The Big Hash of needing him for clout.

J Molley took to twitter recently to question how rappers turn into singers. He tweeted, “He started rapping but ain’t made a million. You started rapping now why is you singing”.

The Big Hash clapped back saying that J Molley has not seen a million either and their feud is getting boring. “This is actually getting really lame…You ain’t seen a million in your life either, so stop. Get over it. Get over me. It’s 2021. Ain’t nobody worried about you. Rest. Tsa mo robala jo. I wish you the best but this is the last time I acknowledge your existence.”

After The Big Hash’s response, J Molley felt the need to explain that his tweet were song lyrics and were not directed at the Peace of Mind rapper. “Bro, first of all I wasn’t even thinking about you. Secondly I definitely have made a million & I’m about to make another million off a house I’ve been paying for, for years. I’m gonna be a bigger man & mize you bro, I wish you the best too. I was tweeting lyrics.”, he wrote.

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